Thursday, August 7, 2008
The BEST chocolate frosting
1 cup chocolate chips
1/4 cup butter or margarine
1/2 cup sour cream
2 1/2 cups sifted powdered sugar (a 1 lb box is approximately 4 cups)

(But go ahead and double it, because you're going to want more than this.)

Melt the chocolate chips and butter in a glass bowl in the microwave (30 second intervals, stirring each time until just melted). Cool about 5 minutes. Stir in sour cream. Gradually add powdered sugar, beating until smooth and of spreading consistency. Store cake in the refrigerator.

(The BH&G New Cookbook - the red gingham one, says that a single recipe is enough to frost the tops and sides of two 8-9 inch cakes. I have no idea how thin they like to spread it, but I don't think it's enough for me. So I'm doubling this because I want it really thick, with some left over for graham crackers or cupcakes ;D


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